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     We had an opportunity to speak to Michael Hobby with A Thousand Horses to discuss their current album, social media, co-writing songs & an upcoming appearance at Country Jam - Eau Claire, WI.

Photo Credit: Joseph Llanes

Photo Credit: Joseph Llanes

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.  I wanted to start out hitting you with the tough questions.  Doing a little research and I see on Facebook you guys had some awesome Kazoo Jams.

 Oh, yeah. (Laughing) That's what happens when you are in the middle of nowhere, bored. You come up with things to entertain yourself.  Yeah, I think we are going to do another Kazoo Jam soon.

That was awesome!  It was neat to see you guys have a chance to interact with fans on there doing those live feeds.  

  Yeah, I thought it was funny. To actually hear a Kazoo which is interesting.  

Graham has quite the awesome Kazoo skills and I was wondering if he's studied that for a long time or if that is one of his hidden talents.

  He's a natural Kazoo player.

You don't find those often, the natural Kazoo players.

 You don't find them very often...(laughing) Stay tuned for Kazoo Jams, we'll do another one.

Both Graham and Bill had birthdays in June.  Pass on a belated Happy Birthday to those guys for us.  Did you guys have any great celebrations while you guys were out and about?

  Yeah man, we had some good birthday parties.  You know we love celebrating birthdays.  We, ahh, turned it up.  Ya know?

Congratulations to you guys on the success of Smoke.  You guys have co-written with some greats like; Ross Copperman, Rich Robinson (The Black Crows), Brad & Brett Warren.  After that incredible success of Smoke, do you guys feel more pressure with the release of Southernality?

Be sure to pick up their album SOUTHERNALITY on sale - click here: http://smarturl.it/Southernality Music video by A Thousand Horses performing Southernality. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC http://vevo.ly/pOB4nt
Ah, no.  To have Smoke do what it did, you know, you hope to continue that.  I don't think pressure is the word, it's just kind of, we just hope everybody digs it.

One of my favorites on there is Sunday Morningwhich you co-wrote with Rich Robinson.  Can you tell me how that collaboration came to be?

  It's a really cool story actually, we got together in this old church for three days and just played with the band and jammed and kind of recorded the whole thing and at the end of it pieced together ideas and that's how we wrote that song.  It was pretty awesome.

I love the mix in there with "The Horsettes" and the old school piano.  As I listened to it I pictured you in a church, not knowing the story at the time.

Yeah, it's pretty awesome.  I guess it came through in the recording.  

It did, it really did.  Great job on that!  Do you guys have any other partnerships that are coming up that you'll be working with in the near future?

Yeah, there is Cory Crowder, a buddy of mine that we write a ton with.  We wrote a few songs with Neil Mason, from The Cadilac Three, and this new kid Kale Dobbs(?). There are a lot of great guys coming up in town.  
Big Machine Label Group

How do you find those partnerships?  Is it just something that comes about, or do you meet a lot of them out on tour and just click and end up doing stuff together?

Yeah, pretty much.  Nashville is a small town, and you know, you get together writing together and get to be friends.  You look up and you are all rocking. Just friendships man. 

You and Bill have been writing together since age 15.  Do you guys ever get together and look back at some stuff?  Is that inspirational yet comical at the same time?

Oh yeah, absolutely.  The stuff we wrote when we were kids to know is...(laughs) comical. We've definitely been writing together a long time and know each other well.  It's cool to see.

Do you ever go back and find stuff that you are like "...hey we wrote this when we were 15, but maybe there is something here..."

No, not yet.  I've thought about that actually though.  That's a good idea.  Maybe I'll do that.  

I touched on it a little bit earlier, one thing that makes you guys unique is having the "The Horsettes".  It really adds to you guys.  how did you decide to incorporate them into the show?

We've used the girls on demos and albums before our release came out and when we had the opportunity to have them in the band, bring them out on the road, it was kind of a no brainer.  We love that big sound and coming to the table live.  That makes us a little bit different.  It's just a cool thing.  

Fans are getting excited for you to come up to Country Jam in July.  Do you guys have anything special planned for that?

Just a rocking time!  We can't wait to get up there.
Michael Hobby performs at Winstock 2016.  - Photo © In Action Photos

Michael Hobby performs at Winstock 2016.  - Photo © In Action Photos

You guys like playing in the summer with all the outdoor festivals?

Absolutely!  The summer concert touring world is awesome.  Everybody's outside hanging, go to all these awesome festivals and see all these awesome fans.  Festival season is always our favorite.

You guys are on tour right now with Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean.  From a guys perspective, I can see that as being a good time.  Do you ever get involved in pranks and have a little fun with the other guys backstage?

No pranks...YET!. You kind of save your pranks for the last weekend of the tour.  That way you can't get in trouble.  (Laughing)

Do you guys have anything else that is coming out soon?

Yeah, we are about to start our new record and get that rolling so we are excited about that, finishing out the tour with Jason.  We'll be announcing things for the fall soon.  We're just Rocking and Rolling!

Well Michael, thank you for taking your time out of your day to talk to us and we are all looking forward to seeing you in Eau Claire for Country Jam in July.  

Yeah man, we are looking forward to it and thank you for your time. We'll see you real soon. Thanks brother.