Billy Ray Cyrus - Thin Line

by Kathleen Bee


     We’ve been watching Billy Ray Cyrus channel his inner Elvis Presley in his new show, “Still the King” for a few months, but with Thin Line it’s now time to see what the “King” really has to offer. The vibe is rock n’ roll and old country, with the influences of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard up front and center on this new record. You will find some fast paced country, but not as much as in the last few albums – this is an all new side of Cyrus.


     Thin Line is the second album from his record label Blue Cadillac Music. He’s co-written four of the songs, including the title track “Thin Line”. Billy Ray says this album describes, “how I live my life; it’s a balance between art and reality.”


     On first listen, the album was a bit slow, but as I listened to it again it started to grow on me. I recommend listening through a few times to pick up on the meaning and flow of the songs. I love how he has incorporated different voices and instruments.


     The first single that dropped back in June, “Hey Elvis” is a pretty catchy tune and probably the only one that I would turn up and drive around with the windows down. “Thin Line” is great and would be fitting as an end credits song for a motion picture.  Take a listen and hear it for yourself.


     You will hear artists like Joe Perry, Bryan Adams, Shelby Lynne, and other great guests who really bring the songs together. Two of Cyrus’ children are also featured on the album. Braison Cyrus and Billy Ray pay their respects to the recently deceased Merle Haggard with the song “Going Where The Lonely Go.” Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray have brought us something a little different with “Angels Protect This Home.” This song has a calming ambiance to it. When it first started, I got goosebumps! You will have to listen to see what I mean!


     Finally, I have really come to like “Help Me Make It Through the Night” featuring Kenley Shea Holm. The violins and Kenley’s voice really add something very special to the song. When I hear this song, I can’t help but imagine a couple having their first dance and candles everywhere. The way Thin Line was created allows listeners to connect with Cyrus not only as a musician, but to also see who he is as a person.


I would recommend this album!