Catching Up With Brantley Gilbert - 'The Devil Don't Sleep'

by JQ

     Hot off the heels of two back to back platinum albums with ‘Just As I Am’ and ‘Halfway to Heaven’, Brantley Gilbert and his outlaw country sound are back with a new album. ‘The Devil Don't Sleep’, set to release January 27th,  is Gilbert's fourth studio album and sure to be another hit record. 

     Getting the opportunity to get a first listen to ‘The Devil Don't Sleep’ my immediate reaction before even pressing play is how big of a treat fans are in for. This album features 16 tracks for the standard version with 10 additional tracks for the deluxe album. The deluxe album includes live songs as well as some demos. Another treat is, Gilbert co-wrote all the songs on the album and teamed up again with producer Dann Huff.

      The minute I started listening to ‘Devil’ I was pulled into an alternate universe and taken for a ride. This album is so much more than I anticipated. As a fan, I am used to the hard edge side of Brantley, but this album is more than that. Brantley has found a way to mix the rowdy country anthems fans have grown to love as well as show a softer, more mature side.

     The first track “Rockin’ Chairs” is the perfect song to start off the album. A song about making memories, living life so one day you will be able to look back and reminisce. It has the perfect combination of great lyrics, vocals and the same great sound we associate with Gilbert.

     Fast forward a couple tracks to “The Weekend” the first single off of ‘Devil’, which has made a splash with country radio and a video that has garnered over 5 million views. Weekend celebrates ditching the daily grind for the ultimate couple days of partying. The song has guitars, loud drums and just enough attitude to be the perfect BG hit.

     This album has songs from love ("In My Head") to living in the moment ("The Weekend"), to standing up for what you believe in and doing what's right ("Bro Code"). The burning electric guitars, crashing drums and hard rock edge is still there but we get to hear a softer side of Brantley and his voice. Fans are treated to the softer side of Brantley with the song “Three Feet of Water” with a simple piano part and Brantley's reserved vocal, paint the picture of redemption.

     Like an old friend after listening to ‘The Devil Don't Sleep’ I feel like Brantley has caught me up on his life. And in his own words that is exactly what he was going for.

“I don’t make fast albums: I have to live my life, let it sink in and then write the songs. For me, I don’t rush the music. I want it to be right. But then I also want to give the fans as much music as they deserve. To me, this is a conversation – and these songs are catching them up, telling them about what’s happened since Just As I Am."


     Want to catch Brantley on tour? The road warrior will hit the open road this year headlining THE DEVIL DON’T SLEEP TOUR, beginning February 2 in Reading, Pennsylvania with opening acts Luke Combs and Tucker Beathard.