Brieanna James

by Kathleen Bee

🎶 H-H-H-Hot/Gotta boom box/Sittin' on the hood of a hand me down rag top/Heat beatin' down both of our backs and I'm watchin' the sweat drop/From under your baseball cap and my one thought/Is you're oh so/Hot….🎶

And so is the start of Brieanna James' crossover journey from pop artist to country music star. James a self-taught musician and singer-songwriter, is jumping into the country music scene with a new album due to be released in the spring of 2017.

“Hot”, James’ debut country single dropped this summer and was co-written with Kelsea Ballerini, one of James’ greatest influences. With her flirty, edgy sound, James’ music also echoes the influences of Lauren Alaina, Taylor Swift, and Shania Twain!

The Country Source had the chance to catch up with James and get to know her a little better. James’ country southern charisma originates from her roots of Nashville, TN and Mississippi. She now resides in LA and is currently busy in the studio recording more songs for her upcoming debut album. James told The Country Source, “I am working on more songs for my EP and have a new song and video that is going to be released in the next few weeks. I am proud of what I've been working on and feel incredibly fortunate to write with the talented songwriters I've been working with. There is a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon!”

At the young age of 17, James' dream of being a country music star is becoming a true reality. Yet she’s learned that the journey comes with sacrifice and challenges stating, “I've definitely become aware that the life of an artist is very different than just any normal life. It's writing sessions, recording studios, photo shoots, traveling, dedication and endless hours. You really don't have the time to be a normal kid. Of course, there has been plenty of times where I just wanted to do what every other normal high school kid did. I wanted to have a boyfriend, go to parties and create memories that go along with all of that. The kind of memories people immediately regret, but one day laugh, tell stories, and write songs about. However, I always wanted to be an artist more than anything. It's who I am and what I'm about. This is what I've always wanted to do with my life and I've accepted this life path. I chose music... and I wouldn't trade it for the world.”

James has come to realize that one greatest challenges of breaking into country music is being a young female artist in a male-dominated industry. She says, “I would have to say one of the biggest struggles is getting your music out there. This seems to be even more difficult for female country artists. Nashville definitely seems to favor male artists. However, I think it is slowly evolving, and with radio host like Bobby Bones supporting female artists, it can only get better.”

When asked by The Country Source who would be her dream artist to open for, James replied, “Taylor Swift or Sam Hunt!  Either one would be killer!! They also happen to be the top two people I am dying to write with! They are lyrical geniuses!”

While James is working hard on her new album and music videos, she still finds time to kick back and relax. She shared with us the top 5 songs she is listening to right now:


·       When a Heart Breaks - Ben Rector

·       Put a Label on It - Ryan Follese

·       Road Less Traveled - Lauren Alaina

·       Thy Will - Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

·       I Know Somebody – LOCASH.

Brieanna James is excited to share her next single and video with you, so keep an eye out! If you haven't heard “Hot” yet, click below and take a listen!

James will be taking over The Country Source Snapchat soon, so stop by and say Hi! – check back for more details!

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Brieanna James