Camille Rae - 'Come Find Me'

by Kathleen bee

Click photo to Pre-Order 'Come Find Me'

Click photo to Pre-Order 'Come Find Me'

     Get ready for an artist that is going to change the way you listen to country music. Camille Rae is a breakthrough artist that you need to be on the lookout for!

      Growing up in Mount Vernon, KY, Rae found her love for music at the age of three. Her journey started early with church performances. When she was twelve, she taught herself to play the guitar and developed her songwriting skills. While attending high school, Rae was part of the Kentucky All-State Choir for two years. Once she graduated, she went on to attend the University of the Cumberlands and earned a degree in Music Education. Wanting to share her passion of music with others, she taught choir in Mount Vernon, KY and Vancouver, BC before deciding that she wanted to focus on her music. In Vancouver, she performed live gigs and established her songwriting style. Rae was ready to become a country artist and moved to Nashville to launch her career. In addition to being a musician, she is involved in philanthropic work with St. Jude’s Hospital and other organizations in support of music education and victims of domestic violence

     Come Find Me is Rae’s second album and will be released on March 17th under Break The Cycle Entertainment. I anticipate that this album will be a country music chart-topper! I love EVERYTHING about this new album. Each song has its own story that is relatable to anyone listening. I can’t just pick one song that is a favorite, but I can guarantee that the entire album will be playing on repeat in my car or on my iPod. Rae’s vocals are powerful and you can feel the connection between her and the song.

     She has put a lot of work either writing or co-writing seven of the songs for this album, along with other notable songwriters such as Chad Jeffers (guitarist for Carrie Underwood). Take a close listen and you can hear, the likeness of Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood and a few others in her music. Her songwriting comes from, “personal experiences and expressing feelings that people think, but never talk about.” You will hear a mixture of genres within each song.

     This is the most unique and truth-telling album I have ever heard. It is a must buy and trust me you will have no regrets. I hope to see her perform live one day and hear the vocals in person.


Here are a few songs that are on the must listen-to list:

“Chills” – With Camille Rae on vocals and Lindsay Ell co-writing this song, I just knew it was going to be amazing. Well guess what, it is! This song shares the feeling of falling head over heels for someone.

“Pinky Promise” – One of the best dance-beat songs on the album! This new single was just released and if you pre-order the album from iTunes, you get the download of this song early.

“But I Want You” – This was the first single off the album. I love the style of this song with the banjo and the lyrics. View the music video here.

“Right Place, Wrong Time” – I believe this song is probably the most relatable. Take a listen and you will understand why.

“Bitter” – A strong ballad about loving a guy into a man, only to have him leave. 


Come Find Me Track Listing:

  1. Chills (Fred Wilhelm, Lindsay Ell, Tia Sillers)
  2. Pinky Promise (Jaida Dreyer, Andrew Rollins, Jody Stevens)
  3. Who Broke My Heart (Keith Dozier)
  4. 80 Down 65 (Camille Rae)
  5. But I Want You (Jaida Dreyer, Fred Wilhelm, Jay Knowles)
  6. I Need Me (Camille Rae)
  7. What’s Missing (Camille Rae)
  8. Right Place, Wrong Time (Camille Rae, Hunter Leath)
  9. Take it Away (Jaida Dreyer, Andrew Rollins, Cory Mayo)
  10. Dead Roses (Chad Jeffers)
  11. Bitter (Camille Rae, Jason Eustice, Michael August)
  12. I Want A Man (Camille Rae)
  13. Come Find Me (Brian White, Phillip Barton, Hannah Ellis)
    Bonus Tracks:
  14. Here’s To Nashville (Camille Rae)
  15. Fear (Kris Bergsnes, Jade Million)