Clare Dunn- Country Beauty With Raw Talent

By Jenna Paige

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Posted by Clare Dunn on Thursday, June 30, 2016

         Up and coming country artist, Clare Dunn, credits her success to growing up on a farm. "It's the backbone of who I am ," Clare says. Since she was a child, Clare has had the ambition and drive to be successful in everything she does. Hard Work is no foreign concept to this country beauty. She learned that you have to work hard for what you want in life.  Her parents also always encouraged her to do her best. 

       Clare started singing before she could even talk. She recalls singing in her mom's Ford F150 to Clint Black at the age of 3. Clare boasts, "I remember when I was six, my sister and I would be in the car and I'd be singing and singing. I wouldn't shut up and she would beg me to stop!"  Singing has just come natural to Clare. Her mom even put her in a musical when she was 6 in Oklahoma called Yee-Haw!  "I recall singing George Strait's 'Heartland' and not knowing what I was doing."  Clint Black, George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Alan Jackson, Bob Segar, and The Eagles are just a few of the artists who have inspired Ms Dunn. "When you drive a tractor in the field all day, there are only two types of music on the rural radio stations-Country and classic rock," Clare jokes. 

     As an emerging artist on the country scene, Clare's music is breaking through in a fierce way. Edgy, fun, and upbeat are just a few words to describe this talented woman's music. She has share the stage with national artists such as Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. She is singing on Luke Bryan's hit 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me)' singing backup vocals. "My sister and I were riding in her car when I heard a couple seconds of a song while she was flipping stations. I told her to go back because I had recognized it and sure enough it was the song I was singing on. It was cool to hear it on the radio."  When asked how she feels about the label "Bro-Country", given to many of the artists she shares the stage with, Claire states, "I'm not about using labels. People love what they love, the fans are the judges. What you like is right." 

   Clare's new song 'Tuxedo' is sure to be a hit. With its upbeat tone and relatable lyrics about seeing your man for his hard work and thinking he looks good in his sweatiness, is going to make everyone want to sing along. This goes for all the songs on Clare's self titled EP. It's available on and iTunes. She hopes to have her album released by late this year/early next year. Clare states, "I am fortunate and blessed to have creative control over my album."  With her sweet attitude and fun personality, the album is sure to blow us all away.  

     On Friday, July 22, Clare will be sharing the stage at the 2016 Country Jam in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with Jake Owen, The Band Perry, Eli Young Band, and LoCash. She is excited to join Country Jam for the first time. Clare exclaimed, "Come prepared for a good time. Let's let loose and let your hair down."  As newcomer Clare Dunn hits the stage, she will surely give all the fans coming out to this great event a performance that will make them come back for more. Country jammers will not be disappointed! It is going to be a great time for everyone. This country beauty with raw talent is going to be on your playlist and will win the hearts of all the fans. 

   Some advice from Clare Dunn to anyone trying to reach a goal, "Don't be afraid, work hard. Don't be discouraged if it takes a little time. Try to be different and carve your own path."

Photos courtesy Chad Johnson/In Action Photo