Crystal Day - A Song In Her Heart

by Kathleen Bee

Crystal Day Photo.jpg

     It all started with a racetrack and a song on her heart. Crystal Day grew up in a small town in Virginia where she developed a love for music, acting, and writing. Her parents owned a racetrack where she would sing the National Anthem and recognized her passion for performing in front of large crowds.

     Day launched her career as an actress in Los Angeles starring in several independent films and was featured on their soundtracks. At the age of 13, she moved to Nashville, TN and released her first CD, Anything Can Happen. This provided her the opportunity to open for Martina McBride, a multi-platinum recording artist. It was only the beginning of something great.

   Her music career was underway and soon she was performing at NASCAR racetracks and other venues around the world. Day participated in the Universal Studios competition for the World Championships of Performing Arts and ended up taking home the gold. Another big moment happened for Day when she became the youngest American to be invited to sing at the Amsterdam Music Festival and performed in front of 30,000 people daily. The success of the music festival led to a whole new set of fans from across the globe.

   The Country Source had the chance to become more acquainted with Ms. Day and got to know her better.

   Before making the jump to Nashville, Day started performing at a young age and whether it was singing or acting, her dreams became a reality. As she got older, the dream expanded and she added writing to the mix. Day explained when she noticed that everything was beginning to come together, “I think music was always in there somewhere. My mom told me that when I was about 4, I was visiting a relative and I sang every song I knew for anyone who would listen. The acting bug hit me about 8 when I did a play, The Sound of Music. I just could not imagine doing anything else in my life! The author thing came way later and honestly came out of a family accident. I had written songs but never thought of writing a book. I was inspired one day after my dad was in an accident and I sat down and created the story for “Mason the Bull.” Since then, I have developed it into a series; so, sometimes you never know what good can come out of tragic events.”

     This girl is multi-talented and is definitely owning it! Day has come to realize where her talents all fit in her life and where they come from. “Music is obviously in my soul and the others have been placed on my heart. They are creative outlets for me and I have a blast doing them all. I guess it’s like when people say they love all their kids the same amount; it’s that idea… I get something different from each.”

      She is getting back into the music scene and with the strong sounding influences of Katy Perry and Shania Twain, Day co-wrote three of the five songs on her EP Brave. When it came time to put the album together she had theme in mind, “I started looking for songs in the beginning stages of figuring out what was a right fit for me musically and lyrically. I was lucky enough to find songs like “Brave” and “Prom Night in Pontiac.” I also was writing a ton during this time and picked the 3 that are on the EP “When You Come Back to Me,” “Parachute,” and “You Won’t Leave Me Alone.” They all touched me in a different way and conveyed the stories I wanted to tell. I always try to write and sing songs about real people, real situations, and to always give women a voice.” The album was released in March of 2016.

     Day says that her favorite song to perform on the road is the first single off her new album. “‘Brave’, by far. I love the dramatic melody that it has and those long, high notes are just so much fun to belt on stage! And hearing everyone’s stories after I sing that song live is the whole reason we are in this business…to have people connect with the songs you are singing.”

     My favorite song from the new album is “You Won’t Leave Me Alone”. It is the perfect song for a line dance and I can’t help but imagine what it would look like. I asked Day what she thought it would look like and she said, “Ah, thanks! It’s a really fun and playful song. I love dancing! I just went line dancing with a few friends of mine months ago and had a blast. It would definitely include lots of turns up and down the floor. And definitely something not too complicated so I could remember it!”

     While she has been busy with filming her next movie and releasing her book, she still has time to think about where her dream performance would be, “I would love to perform at the Super Bowl someday. That is one of the biggest stages in the world and the adrenaline… I just can’t imagine what that must feel like!”

     The dreams merely get bigger from there. Day would love to work closely with a few other country artists who really put inspiration not only in her music, but the type performer she strives to be. She said, “Oh that’s a tough question. I would absolutely love to collaborate with Garth Brooks on stage! I think he has one of the best stage presences and is a true entertainer so I would love to rock out with him (and maybe smash some guitars while we’re at it!) I would love to write with Shania Twain. She is one of my biggest influences and her songs have touched so many women. Most country artists today would not be around without her. She really came along and transformed country music for women and I would love to see what we would come up with!”

     With everything Day has accomplished - her new EP Brave, Children’s Book, “Mason the Bull”, and a new movie in the works - we can’t wait to see what her next adventure will be!