Dierks Bentley, The mountain man, & The Mountain

If you are into Dierks Bentley’s new mountain man look, you most likely will be into his new album, The Mountain as well. This is Dierks ninth album and it is set to release later this year. This album was inspired by his Telluride Bluegrass Festival performance in 2017. Bentley later returned to Telluride for a songwriter’s retreat with Natalie Hemby, Luke Dick, Ross Copperman, Jon Randall, Jon Nite and Ashley Gorley. 

“What I said to the musicians was, ‘Look around you. Look at the mountains,’” he tells NPR “I can’t verbalize this. Just go for a hike, take the gondola, get some coffee, walk around town, take in the vibe of this location. That’s what I need you to make the record sound like.’” 

Dierks Bentley recently has returned from what seems like a social media break, but is back and teasing us with his upcoming album. 

The Mountain is currently available for pre-order via DIerks.com. If you pre-order the album you will receive access to extra tracks, bonus videos, special merchandise, and VIP experiences with Bentley on his 2018 tour.