Country Music’s Annual Hunting Club Pays Tribute to the Late Troy Gentry

Hunters will often say that hunting trips are more than just the size of the harvest. It is also about friends, family, and the spiritual experience. That is exactly what the annual Opry Duck Hunt entailed this year. 

Every year a group of close-knit country music artists leave behind the bright lights of Nashville for some quality time together. They share stories and foster friendships; however, this year, one fellow sportsman was not among the friendly faces. 

In the past, the late Troy Gentry, a cherished member of Montgomery Gentry, also enjoyed attending the annual gathering. So this year, the hunting club acknowledged the late singer's absence and took time away from their festivities to pay tribute to Gentry by dedicating his favorite hunting stand to him.

Diamond Rio shared a photo of the dedication on Instagram, “All of us dedicated Troy Gentry’s favorite deer stand at the opry hunt. The Batman logo. His favorite superhero."

Participants in the annual get-together often rotate, but amongst the hunters this year was Blake Shelton, Luke Combs, Diamond Rio, Graig Morgan, Chris Janson, and John Conley among others.

Photo:Luke Combs Instagram

Photo:Luke Combs Instagram