Free-Spirited Cam is Committed to Representing the Women of Country Music

Singer-songwriter, Cam, has a voice that is as smooth as a lullaby, but what fans don’t know is that it is also a powerful tool in carrying out her mission to represent the women of her genre. In a Straight-Talk Wireless interview, she reveals what it’s like being a woman in country music. 

“Women are super underrepresented right now in country music, and they don’t hear their own stories.”

The country-California girl is passionate about the authenticity of the songs she writes “… if I don’t love, to the core of who I am, the idea of that song, I will not spend the time to finish it.” 

Attributing her success as a business owner to being away from the Nashville country scene, Cam says, “I have valued the traits I get from being in California." Cam explains that it is "an independent spirit" that sets her music apart from the Nashville system…I feel like you can hear that and see it in the way I run my business.”

Cam's independent spirit and commitment to the truth in the music she writes makes her a successful entrepreneur and role model for the young talent of country music.