Raelynn's Dog Dolly Has Been Safely Returned Home

Dolly’s Safe Return Home 

Everyone’s help, please, and prayers were heard, Raelynn was reunited with her lost dog, Dolly. RaeLynn posted a video on Twitter that has us all in tears, the happy kind. Dolly was located at entertainment center, the Island in Pigeon Forge and is now safely back in the arms of RaeLynn. 

The video posted shows the actual footage of her and Dolly being reunited.  Dolly seemed equally happy and relieved to be back in the arms of her worried owner. It was a precious moment, one that we all had hoped for. RaeLynn also shared an Instagram picture of Dolly’s rescuers. 

“My HEROS. Matt, Caitlin, Amy, Josh and not pictured Chrissy also Cassie who spotted her in front of her store. Thank you to @theislandpf for having the best group of people!” 

Todd Chrisley had posted a 5K reward for whoever safely returned Dolly, but money is not what this wonderful group of people were looking for. 

“They didn’t want the 5K reward they were just looking out of the kindness of their hearts,” explained the singer. “The first of many miracles in 2018. Dolly survived 3 nights in single digit weather. She is a fighter and my little badass.” 

We are all thankful for Dolly’s safe return and the entire group of people who took part in getting her back home safe to RaeLynn.