Country Legend Shania Twain Schools Pop Princess in Drop The Mic Battle

Armed with her powerful voice, Shania Twain has returned to the music scene after 15 years of silence. Following the release of her latest album titled "Now," Shania schools pop princess, Meghan Trainor, on TBS's new series "Drop the Mic."

The series pairs worthy celebrity opponents who proceed to serve up a plate of "bring it on" to each other through rap riffs. In an upcoming episode, Twain and Trainor duke it out in the ring with some tasty low-blows aimed at one another.

Trainor serves Twain by rating the country queen second to that of legend, Dolly Parton. Rather than singing her newest hit, "Poor Me," Shania shakes it off and takes a swing at Trainor that appears to knock her out cold. The show is certain to be a hit, but we will leave it up to you to decide who is the champion of this battle. One thing is for certain; these two sirens are both total knock-outs! Watch this episode of Drop the Mic, Tuesday, January 9th at 10:30/9:30c!