Jake Own Returns to His Roots…Hair That Is

Owen is not just working on new music but also a new doo. If there is one thing Jake Owen fans love as much as his music, it is his hair. So, when he recently took to social media to announce that he is growing his long hair back, fans erupted into a frenzy which has seemingly divided them into two groups: pro-flow and no-grow.

When Owen joined the country scene in 2006, it was his long locks that made fans exclaim, “Yee Haw!” He delighted his followers in 2015 when he announced his new, much shorter, doo. Then, for a brief period, Owen was between styles, and seemingly unsure of which length he favored. He finally decided to commit to getting back to his roots by tweeting, “Spoiler alert…I’m growing that flow back.”

Fans, supportive no matter the length of his mane, respond with these hilarious gifs and tweets.