Thanksgiving Memories

Favorite Thanksgiving Memories From Some of Our Favorite Country Artist

     Thanksgiving is almost here so now is a time to look back on some of our favorite Thanksgivings. Whether they were filled with laughter, craziness, tears, or laughs some of our favorite country artists shared their best memories with us.

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“I think one of my favorite memories from Thanksgiving was the year that we found the old box of VHS home videos! We all sat around the tv watching video after video laughing and sharing memories of our family.”

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My favorite thanksgiving memory is the first time my boyfriend now husband, Dean, met my family. My uncle said to me, “Rachel, I’ve always loved you but I really love Dean!” I knew he was in the fam at that moment! -Rachel


We would go to my Aunt’s house every year and play football in the backyard until the big feast! -Bryan

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 "My favorite Thanksgiving memory is spending it at my grandma's house with my cousins.  There are 11 of us and we all have ping pong tournaments on the table in the basement.  It's a fun time!

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 "When my Mamaw was still alive, me and my cousins, brother, and Dad would sit around playing guitar while everybody else was cooking.  Then after we ate, the whole family would gather and sing gospel songs." - Troy
"We usually had Thanksgiving at our house or my Mamaw and Papaws, they lived next door.  My cousins would come over and we'd eat, nap, go play football in the yard, and then do it all over again.  I miss my Carolina Thanksgivings, they were the best!" - Kassie

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 Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. Being with family and friends is so important to me and this time of year is one of the times we all get to come together!

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"My favorite Thanksgiving memory was taking my British husband James to Iowa for his very first Thanksgiving.  Teaching him about all the casseroles we Midwesterners are so good at!"

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My favorite Thanksgiving memory is getting together the night before with all my friends. Every year, everyone we went to high school with heads out to the bars in our hometown and hangs out. So fun to catch up with so many people at once.

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 My favorite thanksgiving memory is everyone going around the table and saying what they were thankful for that year while we're eating. I think it's so important to do that in order to stay grounded and humble!

 We have so many great memories from Thanksgiving! Every thanksgiving on our family farm, all of our friends and relatives would come out in the evening and our dad would light up the playing field with stadium lights he installed at the Pig Races. We would play a legit game of baseball until we couldn’t feel our feet from the cold. Thanksgiving will always bring back memories of those nights! - Stuart

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 My favorite Thanksgiving memory is one from when I was a little girl and my grandma showed me how to make her famous pie recipe. She always made everything from scratch and her pies were no different. After we made the crust and filled the pies with all the different fillings she showed me how to make the crust topping and to carve our family crest into the dough. Her grandma and her grandma before always did that too. They come out of the oven beautiful and have a special extra meaning. My grandma is no longer with us but I always feel close to her when I make her famous pie recipe.

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 Most recent Thanksgiving memory happened two years ago! My family came over to my house to celebrate with my kids. My oldest daughter wanted to help cook, she insisted and ended up getting her hair twisted up in the blender.

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 "One of my favourite Thanksgiving memories was when I was about twelve. It was actually the day before Thanksgiving, so my mom hadn’t thawed the turkey yet. We looked out the porch window of our house and there was about twenty wild turkeys walking across the front lawn. Needless to say the Butterball stayed in the freezer and we had fresh turkey that year!" - James