3 Voices Become 1 to Tell A Compelling Story

3 Voices Become 1 to Tell a Compelling Story 

By Molly Pass

During the CMT’s 5th Annual Next Women of Country’s celebration, a compelling performance kicked off the celebration. Taylor Swift’s new pop song, “Look What You Made Me Do” turned country with a performance by Kalie Shorr, Kelleigh Bannen, and Lindsay Ell. 

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Kalie Shorr, who made her music debut in 2016 and is set to release her EP in early 2018, began on stage singing until she looked to her right to welcome Kelleigh Bannen to the stage. Bannen’s alto voice brought a new element into the cover of the song. Both ladies look left and Lindsay Ell and her guitar came to the stage, and the three of them began singing the chorus together and put their own twist on the song.

In a dramatic performance of this cover, three distinct voices came together to tell a compelling tale of what its like to be a female in the country music business. Three distinct backgrounds and experiences of music were able to express the support in which they share amongst each other. Country music as a female is not a competition to stardom. The ladies of country music want to see each other succeed because they are all in this together.

Aside from their life in country music, the three of them wanted to be in solidarity with all of the women in the world to stand up in the face of adversity, as it says in the song. Lindsay Ell, Kelleigh Bannen, and Kalie Shorr put on an astounding performance that will give you chills! For the country music fans, the future is female, and they aren’t afraid to show it!