Thomas Rhett Fan Gift Gives "Craving You" A Whole New Meaning

Thomas Rhett has quickly become one of the most listened to and talked about Country Stars. From marrying his high school sweetheart, adopting a child, and having a child of his own, he has had one busy year. With everything going on he has not let us down in the music department. He has released some of the biggest hits this year which include, Unforgettable, Marry Me, and Craving You. 

Speaking of craving you… Thomas Rhett shared a video of a gift he received from a fan. No doubt this gift was craving him. Inside the bottle of sake was a viper snake. Talk about a unique, unexpected and lavish gift. I don’t know about you but I’m not sure Thomas Rhett would not “Die a Happy Man” if that thing got a hold of him. 

Thomas Rhett’s face said it all, with overwhelming fear, this gift has to go down as one of his strangest. Or maybe not? I would love to know all the strange gift big-time country stars have received from their fans. 

Watch here to decide where you think this one would rank!