Catch Jimmy Fallon testing one of Blake Shelton's biggest fears!

Whenever Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton get together hilarious antics are never far behind. You have seen funny moments of the two together from Fallon learning how to milk a cow or Shelton trying sushi for the first time. The talk show host and the country crooner make the fans laugh until we cry, this time was no different.

Fallon invited Shelton to tour his brand new ride at Universal Studios, “Race Through New York”. Before the ride started hilarious jabs were thrown by both. At one point, Shelton made reference to their sushi date by asking Fallon “do you sell rice wine here”.

The ride which is modeled like Rockefeller center takes you on a tour, including a stage for the ‘Ragtime Gals’ before guests head into a 3D roller coaster ride. It's been noted Shelton is not a huge fan of roller coasters. The 3D part left Shelton a bit queasy, which made the segment funnier.

Race Through New York opens Thursday to the public. Check out the full segment below for all the laughs.