Only Country Song to Hit RIAA Platinum Certified?

Only Country Song to Hit RIAA Platinum Certified?

By Kaitlynn Hensch

   In Case You Didn’t Know, The Country Source will give you the fresh details on Brett Young!

   As amazing as Brett Young is already, he has just set the bar even higher for country music artists out there. The singer’s hit single, “In Case You Didn’t Know” has been the only country song released in 2017 to reach RIAA – platinum certification.

  This song was co-written with Tyler Reeve, Kyle Schlienger and Trent Tomlinson. This song was inspired by Trent Tomlinson’s mom. Tomlinson expressed to the band when thinking back to old memories that his mom would always use the expression, “Trent, in case you didn’t know, I love you” when leaving the house as a kid.

  Here is a little inside of what Brett Young and his co-writers chose to do with Tomlinson’s story;

  "Wow, that’s such an everyday expression, obvious thing, that I think is overlooked,” because the fact of the matter is, women really need to hear “I love you,” and men are really bad at remembering to say “I love you.” And also, there’s that element of, nobody ever wants to lose a loved one — I know that’s dark — and then wish that they had said “I love you” more, said Young.

  With lyrics like:

/in case you didn’t know/

/baby I’m crazy about ya/

/i would be lying if I said I could live this life without ya/

/even though, I don’t tell ya all the time /

/you had my heart a long long time ago /

/in case you didn’t know/

   Brett Young earned a No. 1 hit with his debut single “Sleep without You” and has followed it up with, “In Case You Didn’t know.” I’m sure this song is only one of many that Brett Young will surprise his fans with.