Lauren Alaina announces new single

If you ask Lauren Alaina how she's doing? I bet her answer would be “I'm doing more than fine”. Alaina has had amazing success so far with her sophomore album “Road Less Traveled” with her very first number one song by the same name.

Lauren became the first female solo artist since Kelsea Ballerini last September to have a Number One song.

Now with hopes of another number one single, Alaina took to social media to announce her next single, “Doin’ Fine”.

“Doin’ Fine” is the first track off of “Road Less Traveled”. The song is filled with true life events, from addiction to divorce. With lyrics “I'm fine enough to know everyone's a little broken.” will leave you relating to the song and your own life.

“Fine” will hit radio waves May 22nd and is bound to skyrocket into the coveted number one spot in no time!