Lakes Jam 2018 – Day 2

Lakes Jam 2018 – Day 2

by Kailee Thompson

LJ2018 - Kip Moore Performance-2.jpg

There was never a dull moment on the second day of Lakes Jam.  As you’re crawling out of your campsite in the morning, you can hear the engines revving from the guys getting ready to race in watercross. What in the world is watercross? The guys got on snowmobiles and hit the gas as fast as they could to skid across the water, but if they stopped for even a second their vehicle would sink.  Yep, something you may only see in Minnesota.

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Just down the way, cars were burning out tires as they drifted in the designated lot.  Who knew there could be such enjoyment out of watching people skid their cars and ruin their tires in a batter of three turns.  On the other end of the campgrounds people fired up their riding lawnmowers to see who had the fastest mower in town.  Everywhere you were there was some sort of show.


At 2 pm the music started with Bobby McClendon who got bumped up from the side stage to the main stage, getting his shot at the daytime crowd at Lakes Jam.  Elizabeth Lyons and The Skahls followed Bobby’s act, getting the crowd pumped up for Kip Moore and Brantley Gilbert to headline.  The people filled in the concert bowl early yesterday to get every drop of good country music from the artists.

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Kip Moore took the stage as the crowd gathered in tight to soak in the music.  Moore, being one the most talked about for the day was out to make everyone have a good time.  He made it a point to call out those who needed to smile and made it his duty to get everyone in a good mood during his set.  How can you be in a bad mood on such a great day?

Everyone sang the words to Moore’s hit songs like Beer Money, Last Shot, Something ‘Bout a Truck, and more. Arms were waving side to side and hips were swaying to the amazing sounds of Kip Moore.


The campsites were ready to go all day yesterday.  Campsites had bean bag toss, disc golf, and even minnow races.  Everyone was basking in the beautiful weather that blessed the festival Friday afternoon.  The campsites rallied after the day of music with parties in every direction.  With tent parties and “Camp Never Sober,” no one wanted the night to end.  Some folks were lucky enough to get to chat with the drummer from Brantley Gilbert as he made his way from campsite to campsite to chat and drink with the festival go-ers.


Day two of Lakes Jam was nothing short of awesome.  The energy continued into the night that was ignited from the headlining acts, Kip Moore and Brantley Gilbert.   The day was far from a disappointment and everything more than a party.