Brad Paisley Surprises High School Seniors In Illinois

Brad Paisley Surprises High School Seniors

 Brad Paisley gave 754 graduating seniors at Barrington High School a surprise, when he spoke to the class and performed during their graduation ceremony.

The class won Brad's contest on social media answering the question: What “Last Time” are you going to miss most about school?  The Barrington High School TV class created a fun video that includes mattress surfing down a flight of stairs, pushing their dean into the swimming pool, hitting golf balls on the football field and more. 

Brad took the stage joking with the class about needing a tassel for her cowboy hat, played a few songs and gave this as his words of wisdom to the graduating class.

“My advice to you, as you go through life, is to enjoy the moments. Make memories, enjoy them and don’t take yourself too seriously.” When Paisley finished his last song he told the class “Go change the world, you all!"

Watch Brad's performance here-