Kristian Bush or Bust

Kristian Bush or Bust

by Kaitlynn Hensch

     Kristian Bush premieres his newest single, Sing Along. This song portrays what could have been a fairy-tale ending to a love that was lost along the way.

With lyrics like:

/And how in the world did we ever go/
/All the way through that bottle of wine/
/Baby we can really lose track of time/

Kristian ends his song with powerful lyrics:

/I hope my love song’s bouncing around your heart/
/And echoing in your head/
/Just like we’re at the start/

     The music video was directed by Kyle Morgan and produced by Cy Abdelnour, who has collaborated with Bush in other songs like, Trailer Hitch.  The music video tugs on the heart when he has several loving couples appearing in and out of his music video. Make sure to give this one a listen, you’ll feel the love.