William Michael Morgan Interview - Ramble Jam 2017

By: Megan Holley


     Over the weekend Rose from The Country Source spoke to William Michael Morgan before his performance at Ramble Jam Country Music Festival Saturday night.

     Though Morgan’s Mississippi roots run deep, the Mississippi native has ties to Minnesota. His mom is from the state and his grandma still lives here. “Every time we come around these parts they always drive down, they’re excited!” says Morgan.

     Family is very important to Morgan. It’s evident in the way he talks about his daughter Presley, now nearly 18 months. Becoming a dad has changed Morgan’s mindset. “It’s affected the way I handle situations. I’m a human being so I’m still learning as I go. But how I handle situations and how I do things…it’s not just about myself anymore, it’s for her, for her future. I’m not dreaming about the big house anymore, now it’s one for me and one for her” he says. Morgan makes seeing his daughter a priority, even during his busy touring schedule.

     Morgan is preparing to release his new single “Vinyl” (his favorite song and title track of his record) to country radio on October 2nd. The song was written by Wade Kirby, Carson Chamberlain, and Ashley Gorley, who are renowned songwriters in Nashville. The song is very special to Morgan and his team. “We had just gotten signed to Warner Brothers. We held onto it for about 4 or 5 years. That’s how much we really love this song, how much we feel about it, how much we believe in it” says Morgan. The song is just as romantic as his chart topping “I Met A Girl” with lyrics like “What we got is a little old fashioned, baby you’re an instant classic”. With Morgan’s classic country sound this single is sure to be an instant classic too.

     Morgan’s set list on Saturday included many of his songs from his record “Vinyl”, including the title track, Top 30 song “Missing”, and Number 1 song “I Met A Girl”. Morgan also paid tribute to his traditional country music influences Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, and George Strait.


     Judging by the success of other artists like Chris Stapleton, it would appear that traditional country music is making a comeback. Morgan doesn’t think it went anywhere, though he himself is at the forefront of this comeback “I’ve always said I don’t want to be saying that I’m waving a flag, but I want to make sure that flag is still waving” he says. It’s safe to say that that flag will continue to wave.

     In the upcoming months Morgan will continue to play at fairs and festivals and work on promoting “Vinyl”.

     One fact about William Michael Morgan you probably didn’t know is that he loves candles. Cracker Barrel is his favorite shopping destination of choice. He recommends the scent Smoky Bourbon. We’ll take your word for it William! I know what I’m buying for Christmas.

     As always Morgan is appreciative of his fans, “I want to thank everyone for supporting me. Giving us the chance to do what we do.”

     William Michael Morgan’s album “Vinyl” is now available. Look for the single “Vinyl” on country radio October 2nd.