Scotty McCreery Proposes to Longtime Girlfriend Gabi Dugal


By The Country Source

Scotty McCreary is one of the hottest bachelors in the music industry. But after he got engaged to his longtime lover Gabi Dugal, he was officially off the market. The wedding is scheduled to take place in 2018. This is how the engagement happened: the duo, were at the North Carolina Mountains, probably on vacation, when Steve asked Gabi to take a hike with him on their favorite trail. The scenery was lovely and peaceful as you would expect. While they were on the hike, the Singer was waiting for the perfect moment to ask the big question. The perfect time arrived when they got to the top of the mountain. 


When they got to the apex of the mountain, surrounded by a beautiful environment, he went down on one knee and asked the all-important question. With two profound statements, he swept Gabi off her feet. Stunned by the question, she accepted the proposal, and they officially became engaged. 

Their love story began when they were in kindergarten in North Garner which is in North Carolina. They became lovebirds ever since. It began with kindergarten friendship, but you can't call it dating because people don't date in Kindergarten. But in her childhood innocence, she named herself Mrs. Gabi McCreery: that's romantic, right? The relationship was fueled at that time because they lived in a small community where everyone knew each other. This helped them spend more time together as kids hence strengthening the friendship at that time. 


This relationship continued up until their senior year in high school. That was when they officially began to date. This was in 2011. The love story continued as she began to appear in some of his music videos. He started taking her to shows and events. It did not take time for reporters to take note of Gabi's frequent appearance in McCreery's life and career. He did not make their relationship secret rather he paraded their love even on social media. This led many of his fans to fall in love with her even before they knew her. They adored her because of the way he treated her in public. 


McCreery is planning to release another album in 2018, and this coincides with his wedding year. So, you can say 2018 is his year. His wife to be Gabi is not an entertainer. She took up a career in the health sector where she now functions as a nurse in the cardiac section of the Pediatric Ward. She spends most of her time with children. 


This love story has made waves on social media, and it deserves all the attention it is getting. Because in this story, we see true and lasting love is manifested.