Fan With Rare Disease Has One Wish; To Sing With His Idol.

Fan With Rare Disease Has One Wish - To Sing With His Idol



     Ask any music lover why they love it and the answers will include: a song saved me, an album helped me thru an awkward stage in my life, an artist touched my soul, music made me want to fight to live, music fuels my soul. For Dustin Chapman, a North Carolina native the latter couldn't be more true.

  Dustin was diagnosed three years ago with a rare disease called achalasia. This progressive disease has no known cure, attacking the esophagus, making it nearly impossible to eat and drink. This disease affects one in only 100,000 people.

  Chapman only has one wish, and that is to sing a song with North Carolina native and American Idol winner Scotty McCreery.

  Chapman’s mom, Sandi took to Facebook to explain Dustin’s disease a little further. Dustin was diagnosed with the rare disease while a senior in high school. He couldn't eat or drink anything and lost an excess of 50 pounds.

   In 2015, Chapman had surgery to repair the esophagus muscles so he was able to eat and drink again. Hopeful the surgery would be a permanent fix, Chapman and his mom were given a big blow when in January, Dustin’s symptoms returned.

  After a failed surgery earlier this month. Sandi asked her son what she could do? Dustin’s response was “You can get me to sing a song with Scotty McCreery. That’ll cheer me up.”

  Since that conversation Sandi has been on a mission to make her son's dream come true. Taking to social media to tell Dustin’s story in hopes Scotty will see it and make Dustin’s wish become reality. Sandi’s post has racked up 2,000 shares and counting since May 19th.

  Dustin’s passion is music and his dream is to become a performer someday. Unfortunately the disease is looking to crush that very dream as it is also damaging his vocal chords.

  Achalasia may be tearing down Dustin’s body, but his love of music and his dream of singing with his Idol Scotty are helping to keep him going.

   *You can stay up to date and help share Dustin’s story by following Sandi on Facebook. A blog is in the works for people to follow Dustin’s journey thru this awful disease.*