Kip Moore shows songwriters love

Kip Moore Shows Songwriters Love

by JQ

       What makes a song? Maybe it's the harmony and melody, maybe the lyrics speak right to your heart, maybe a song brings you back to a place in your life that made you feel a certain way….. A beat that makes you want to get up and dance. One thing is certain, you can't have a good country song without the whole package. 

  Lets face it, without the talented song writers there would be no music. For years, songwriters and organizations have been fighting regarding songwriters fair pay.

  Kip Moore understands the important role songwriters have in the music industry. Deciding to show just how much he appreciates his writers he announced he will be providing a yearly bonus to his fellow co-writers. Moore hopes this bonus will allow writers a cushion so they can continue writing songs that matter instead of focusing on writing the next big radio single.

  In a career where there has been a yearly decline in full time writers, Moore will give the songwriters on his future albums a bonus every December if their song isn't selected to be a single. This gift isn't a one time thing, He says every December his co-writers who haven't had a single during his album cycle will be rewarded. The bonus will be coming out of his own pocket from touring.

  Kip Moore, we applaud you for your heart and generosity. Without songwriters and artists that care there would be no music worth dancing to, crying to, and living life to.