Kelsea Ballerini And Morgan Evans Tie The Knot Oceanside

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans Tie The Knot Oceanside

     On a beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico country star Kelsea Ballerini walked barefoot down a sandy aisle to meet another country star, her husband in waiting, Morgan Evans.  A beautifully lace accented classic gown by Berta and crème colored suit by Joseph Abboud created a perfect picture against the diamond blue water of their oceanside nuptials.  They kept their wedding vows relatively low-key by only inviting friends and family. It was capped off with the exchange of two David Yurman rings that contained custom messages engraved inside. 

     The 24 Ballerini and 32 Evans met in March 2016, when they co-hosted the CMC awards, in Evans home country of Australia. Since then the romance has been a whirlwind. 

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     In fact, Evans let it slip that his and Ballerini’s first kiss was at a little Rockabilly country bar in Brisbane, Australia, which was right after the awards show they hosted together. 

     Morgan Evans had said that once he and Kelsea moved in together, he was watching Kelsea on one of the morning shows on mute, waiting for her to come home. While he was watching he was strumming his guitar and the verses on “Dance With Me” just came pouring out. 

     But it wasn’t just Evans whose music was changed by the relationship. The title for Ballerini’s second studio album ‘Unapologetically’ was on her phone and it was meant to be this giant girl anthem but it wasn’t where she was in her life after meeting Evans. Eventually, it became the first true love song that Ballerini had ever written. 

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     In September Ballerini had said that all the wedding planning was pretty much a breeze.  She had said “The dress was the easy part. Everything has been easy. We have the place. We have the plane ticket. We’re ready to go.”  

     Before they had everything nailed down she did let a little slip of some things they agreed on. 

     She stated that she would be ok with having karaoke at the reception but was quoted as saying “[It's] only for the people that aren't in the music industry. You can't be good at karaoke; it's not allowed." 

     Congratulations and we wish you all the love and happiness in the world!