When your two music worlds collide


It was a typical Thursday evening here in Minneapolis, or so I thought. I am a huge music lover, mostly country but I love it all. I had decided to head down to the iconic First Ave to catch one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Gavin DeGraw.

Now any concert enthusiast will tell you, the earlier you get there the better off you will be. This was especially true Thursday evening. As I am standing in line outside of First ave. I was taking in the scenery when I looked across the street and caught a glimpse of a very tall man that looked a lot like Brett Young.

I thought to myself, “no way, Brett doesn't have a show in town. Why on earth would he be in Minnesota, let alone walking my way?” It was in fact, Brett Young. I mustered up the courage to say Hi as he was walking by. Humble as always, he stopped to talk to us.

He, asked us (my sister was with) if we knew Gavin was his favorite? We talked about our first meeting over a year ago and posed for a photo before he left us. Talk about setting things in motion for an amazing evening.


About halfway thru Gavin’s set he asked the crowd if they liked country music. The crowd cheered back. He then told us that one of his buddies happened to be a country singer, and he was here. Gavin called on Brett to come up and say hello. After a few minutes of ribbing, Brett appeared on stage.

Brett smiled and waved to the crowd before giving Gavin a hug and telling him he was going to embarrass him. Brett didn't embarrass Gavin, but he did take the time to tell the crowd that Gavin was the reason he wanted to be a songwriter. How he stalked Gavin for about two years before they happened to be in Hawaii at the same time. Gavin thanked Brett, and then Brett went back into the crowd to enjoy the rest of the show.

I am not going to lie, a few of us Brett fans in the crowd were hoping for a duet. Could there be a collaboration in the near future? I sure hope so.