Drew Baldridge wants to dance with Ya



  Music inspires us. It urges us to love, to learn, to live, to forgive, to dance and to sing. For some, music will inspire us to bare our soul and follow our dreams of singing under the big stage lights. Drew Baldridge was ready to head to college until the night music and Josh Turner inspired him to move to Nashville and become a country singer.

   Turning down an athletic scholarship to college, Baldridge moved to Nashville and honed his skills as a performer and songwriter. In 2013, Baldridge signed recording and publishing deals with THiS Music. In June 2016, Baldridge released his first full-length album through Cold River Records, "Dirt on Us".

  The record is packed with get up and dance jams (“Dance with ya”), love songs (“Love on Your Body”) and even a gospel hymnal. Drew’s album is an amazing musical experience just like his live shows. It is almost impossible to not want to get up and dance, clap your hands, or close your eyes and get lost in the music throughout the album.


  Known as much as for is stage presence as a singer, Drew brings a high energy, get on your feet and dance packed show every single time, whether he is opening or headlining.

  Watching Baldridge on stage, engaging with the crowd is a treat in itself. When you add in his amazing vocals, great songs like his latest single “Rebound”, his talented band backing him and those dance moves you are in for the time of your life.

  If you haven't had the privilege to see Drew live, I urge you to check out his album and find a show near you. Drew is just getting started, with his songwriting and performing he will be lighting up marquees and winning awards for years to come.