Dustin Lynch Returns to 'The Stage' to Celebrate "Seein' Red" Success

Dustin Lynch Takes His #1 Hit Back to Where it All Began

by Emily Huehns

     On May 30, 2017 Dustin Lynch takes things back to his singing roots to celebrate his number one hit, “Seein’ Red.” Lynch wanted this party to be held at The Stage, a place where he was once in the crowd learning about how to be an entertainer, to soon being on stage as the entertainer.

     Lynch says a few words on how it all began at The Stage; “Years and years ago, I was down playing these honkytonks…so it just felt right that we have a number one party at the one place that now continues to give me hangovers every now and again.”

     At 21-years-old Lynch went to The Stage for the first time, as life was put in fast forward, he was no longer in the back corner. Lynch now stands in front of a crowd celebrating with the song writers, his mother, and all who helped make this song a number one hit.