Jason Aldean Exhibit - Country Music Hall of Fame

Aldean Exhibit to Open May 26th

by Emily Huehns

  May 26, 2017 Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum welcomes Jason Aldean with the grand opening of Asphalt Cowboy, presented by Field & Stream. Aldean has brought a new sound to the country music world and this exhibit will honor the impact he has made

      Asphalt Cowboy will portray the support Aldean received early on, the struggle to get his music heard, his big move to Nashville, and many more moments that lead to his revolutionary success. Aldean will be presented among many of his own heroes that have helped shape country music in the twenty-first century just as he has. This special summer exhibit will run through November 5, 2017.

     Aldean has taken his fans on this ride with him since the beginning, and it is far from over. We can’t wait to see where this ‘Asphalt Cowboy’ goes from here.