Old Dominion releases new song "Written in the Sand"

  With the breakout hit “Break up with Him” Old Dominion painted the ultimate picture of the guy urging the girl to ditch her man and give him a chance. Their new song “Written in the Sand” (released Friday) has the guy on the opposite end of a relationship.

  "Written in the Sand” has the guy urging to find out exactly where his relationship is going. With lyrics "Turn me on, turn me off / then you turn me back on by the weekend” the guy wonders if they are just going to burn out fast or if they will be building a lasting relationship.

 In the video that accompanies, you see a woman going about her day reading the lyrics as a text message never responding until the end when you see the typing bubbles as if she is getting ready to send her answer.


    “Written” is a great combination of brilliant lyrics and vocals.

  You can pre-order the band's sophomore album now and as a bonus the band released a list of songs that will be available leading up to the album release August 25th.