Dolly Parton - Dazzled in Rhinestones

by Jenna Paige


Photos courtesy of   Chad Johnson/In Action Photos  ©

Photos courtesy of Chad Johnson/In Action Photos©

     Dolly Parton, a southern legend, graced us with her presence on July 20th at Grand Casino Hinckley's Amphitheater. Anyone who has seen her perform throughout her career knows Parton had no problem filling the stands to near capacity. Her bubbly, energetic, and endearing attitude made her fans feel as though they were dear friends.


     The oppressive Minnesota heat and humidity didn't slow down the rhinestone studded Parton. As she sparkled in a rhinestoned dress she took a couple breaks to "…mop up her sweat…" She laughed, "Does anyone want this Kleenex to sell on eBay. I’m not sure what star snot is going for these days." Dolly continued to use humor throughout the show to involve her amazing fans.  Dolly joked, "Growing up in a family of 12, people are always asking if my parents were Catholic. I'd just tell them nope, were just a bunch of horny hillbillies." Her laugh not only genuine, but contagious.


     Parton’s voice was simply stunning from beginning to end of her performance.  As she performed Little Sparrow a hush came over the crowd as they were engrossed at the amazing range and thrill of hearing her legendary voice as she sang un-accompanied.


     Dolly was so grateful to be where she was and couldn't help but to make sure her fans know they were the reason for it. Parton wanted all of her fans at Grand Casino to know that her long awaited release of music was on the way. The crowd was ecstatic to hear that on September 9th 2016, The Complete Trio Collection will be released. It is a 3-disc set compiling tracks by the holy music trinity of Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris. The collection will feature songs from the LPs Trio and Trio 2. It will also feature a 20 track bonus disc of unreleased material and alternate takes. She will also be starring in an NBC Christmas special, Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love. A premiere date will be announced soon. The crowd was ecstatic to hear Parton release this exciting news.

     There's no doubt that Dolly knows how to entertain her crowd and Grand Casino was no exception.  This stunning, talented, ambitious woman has given her fans many amazing years of beautiful music. We look forward to many more. The Country Source truly enjoyed every minute of her show and we were honored to be there in her presence. We would like to give a huge thank you to Dolly Parton for her time, talent and the love of all her fans.