Frankie Ballard - "Music From My Heart, Made by My Hands"

by Emily Huehns

     Warm weather called for some sunshine and whiskey at Wagner’s Lanes and The Complexx in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Country artist Frankie Ballard made his fans feel the love as he played songs from his heart made by his hands on February 18th, 2017. 


     Kicking off the night with his uplifting song “Drinky Drink,” you could tell fans were in for a good time. This was a night for fans to act a little wild, a little young, a little crazy. This was even more apparent as Ballard played his popular tune, “Young & Crazy.” 


     Ballard turned up the heat as he swayed his hips and rocked out on his guitar with his Wildcat Band. So much so that Ballard needed a little ‘drinky drink’ himself. A Budweiser from a fan and a sunshine and whiskey shot from the bar, Ballard was ready to start things back up with another crowd favorite, “It All Started with a Beer.” 


     As you may not know, Ballard believes he was born in the wrong era. So, it only seemed fitting for this country star to break out some Elvis Presley. The crowd did not object to this old school add in. 


     Ballard not only played some throwbacks, but also an old song that is new once again. He then introduced his newest single “You’ll Accomp’ny Me.” This was once sung by one of Ballard’s idols, Bob Seger. It is safe to say, this is one song fans are glad Ballard brought back to life. 


     Leaving the crowd with one last tune, Ballard sends fans off with a little “Sunshine & Whiskey” to take with them. Frankie Ballard fans, and Ballard himself would agree, that this was one ‘helluva’ night that many will not forget.