The Judds Take Things Back to Some Down Home Country Roots

The Judds Take Things Back to Some Down Home Country Roots

by Emily Huehns



     The Country Source had a chance to talk with Naomi Judd on the release of The Judds All- Time Greatest Hits album, featuring twenty-one of their greatest hits, available June 30, 2017. Naomi shares that some country music has forgotten where it came from, and hopes The Judds music takes things back to its roots.


     “We grew up knowing integrity,” said Naomi. “Wynonna and I try to have integrity in our music. We play for the people who have front porches and know their neighbors. Living in the same house for 68 years, gives you those kind of roots.” 


     It is the roots and timelessness that shine through The Judds greatest hits album and remind people where country music came from. “We know where we came from,” said Naomi. “And we wanted to show that in our music.”


     Looking back to when these songs first became hits, Naomi shares that some of the greatest moments were when a crowd of 20,000 fans could see something of themselves within The Judds. “Music, a song, is sometimes able to say it all,” said Naomi. 


     Happy and proud to share this album with a new generation Naomi says, “it’s like wine before its time, it just keeps getting better and better.”  


     A dynamic duo of a mother and daughter, Naomi and Wynonna, are able to really bring the vocals forward and share the kind of music people can once again sing on their front porches. 


“Wynonna is the fire and I am the smoke,” said Naomi. “The two just kind of go together.” 


     We couldn’t agree more on a perfect combination and look forward to the release of The Judds greatest hits!