Chase Rice - Ready to Release His Next Album

Chase Rice- Ready to Release His Next Big Album

By Molly Pass


     We recently had the opportunity to chat with Chase Rice before he set out on his coast-to-coast “Lambs and Lions Tour” which lasts 6 months and ends after 30 shows. One show in which we are especially looking forward to is September 28th at the Myth in Minnesota. When talking about country music and Minnesota, Chase shared, “I thought country music was a southern thing, and I found out really quick that it’s not. Minnesota has always been good to me.”

     With two pre-released songs, ‘Lions’ and ‘Three Chords & The Truth,’ Chase shared that his third and final pre-release song, ‘Eyes on You,’ will be coming out in a few weeks before the complete album, LAMBS & LIONS, comes out on November 17!  

“We did it on purpose. We didn’t want to make it about these individual songs, but rather about the album as a whole. The album is the most important part. It tells a story about my life the last three years.”

     LAMBS & LIONS is the follow-up album to his last RIAA Gold-certified studio album, Ignite the Night. LAMBS & LIONS is being produced with his new label partner, BBR Music Group. In comparison to Ignite the Night, Chase says to expect some differences in LAMBS & LIONS. “The last three years I’ve grown as a man, as a musician, as an artist. This album represents a much more grown up version of me.”

     When asked to describe his sound, his answer was: “Really damn different, I think!” His explanation being: “Not only different from other artists, but different from each other. There are songs on this record that are related to each other, but sound completely different.”

     ‘Three Chords & The Truth,’ written with Ross Copperman, Jon Nite and Chase Rice, came out as Rice’s first co-writes after not finding the same success of two prior Top 5’s. He explained that ‘Three Chords & The Truth’ has a significant meaning. Songwriter, Harland Howard, was asked the definition of country music and described it simply as “three chords and the truth.” Chase Rice used this famous saying and reference used amongst musicians to create his first single on LAMBS & LIONS. Their goal when writing this song was to find “the songs in my life that are three chords and the truth that I grew up on. Let’s put those in the song. We paid tribute to those songs, but we had to battle to find songs that were only three chords and songs that were of truth to us.”

     Aside from receiving his first ACM Award Nomination in 2016 for ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year and his first CMT Awards nomination in 2015 for Breakthrough Video of the Year with ‘Gonna Wanna Tonight,’ Chase is looking forward to possibly updating that list in the near future. He’s ready to see if “we can’t give these new songs some respect.”


Read below to find out about some other fun things Chase had to say:


Can you tell us a little bit about your life prior to finding success as a singer/songwriter?

“Well, it’s been a hell of a ride! All the way from playing college football at the University of North Carolina, being a NASCAR pit crew member and being on Survivor for a bit. To moving to Nashville to become a songwriter, to now being a performer as well. I’ve lived many different lives. I like to hone in on the different experiences I’ve had because it sets me apart.”


What are some of your biggest/favorite songs you’ve played a part in writing?

“The biggest one was ‘Cruise’ by Florida Georgia Line, obviously that’s a big one. ‘While He’s Still Around’ is another Florida Georgia Line song that I wrote on their last record. Some of my favorites that I’ve ever written are ‘Jack Daniels and Jesus’ and a song called ‘Carolina Can’ which were both on my Ignite the Night album. As different and more grown up as this new LAMBS & LIONS record is from Ignite the Night, it still has two of my favorite songs I’ve ever put out on it.”


Where do you get your inspiration from for your songs?

“Everywhere. What is going on in my life at that moment, Whether that’s relationships, where I’m at spiritually, emotionally. Literally its all over the place with me.” 


What are three things you cannot live without?

“I’m pretty addicted to pizza, and I’m addicted to Jack Daniels, but I’m okay with that addiction. As you can see, I’m a pretty healthy person. Going off of Jack Daniels, as with my song from Ignite the Night, let’s put Jesus in there as well. Pizza, Jack Daniels and Jesus.”


What are some of your favorite things to do when not performing or writing songs?

“Hunting! Fly-fishing! Anything outside and adventurous.”


Country Music Fans--Mark your calendars for November 17 and the full release of LAMBS & LIONS! Chase Rice has a lot of brand new and exciting stuff coming your way!