Dylan Jakobsen - Visiting the Twin Cities soon!

Dylan Jakobsen - Visiting the Twin Cities Soon!

by Kaitylnn Hensch  


    For those of you that enjoy country music with a little extra twang, Dylan Jakobsen is the guy to listen to. He has self-taught himself how to play the majority of the instruments you hear playing in his songs.

“I was one of those kids that wanted to learn everything, I started with the guitar when I was eight years old, I started writing songs when I was eleven and then when I wanted to play full songs, I picked up the drums and everything you hear in our recordings,” Jakobsen told The Country Source.

    Jakobsen is without a doubt anti Ford and pro Chevrolet all the way! Jakobsen was inspired to write his most recent song, Silverado, because it tells his fans a story of guy and a girl that spend a bunch of time together in a Chevy Silverado.  While the guy is out on the road performing for his fans, it is almost as if the Silverado is a reflection of his girl being right there beside him, driving down the road with the tar beneath him and bringing back memories of her.

    Dylan Jakobsen is currently out on the road traveling through Colorado and was recently in his home state of Washington. Jakobsen had so many family and friends in attendance at his recent show, it was a sold out performance he surely wont forget.

“I don’t want to just be another one of many. I’m here to write the songs I want, be the artist I know I can be and prove that this is where I’m supposed to be,” Jakobsen said.
From Where I Began
Dylan Jakobsen

    Jakobsen’s songs have powerful lyrics and unique sounds to them, his hit Wake Me Up on his latest record, From Where I Began, is one to remember after hearing him play his harmonica, it has become part of his sound. The harmonica was one that he picked up when he was eighteen and self-taught.

“I have no idea how to play this thing but I’m going to figure it out,” said Jakobsen.

   Dylan Jakobsen will visit the Twin Cities twice next month. You can expect to see him at Winstock in Winsted, MN on June 9th and then again at Lakes Jam in Brainerd, MN on June 22nd. Be sure to listen for him on the radio and come see him at the events while he is in town!

“One of the best parts of being a musician is being able to travel everywhere, see the world and meet a lot of people, it’s really fast paced,” Jakobsen told The Country Source.