Dylan Schneider

Dylan Schneider

by Rose Klimmek

     We got a chance to sit down with Dylan Schneider after his set and autograph signing at Grand Casino Mille Lacs on Friday night. Dylan is on tour with Granger Smith and this was the first stop on the 'Don't Tread on Me' tour.

     Dylan, at the age of 18 has so much experience writing music, singing on stage and touring around the country already! He began that journey in his hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana. He quickly built an audience on youtube and was discovered by others who could help him move onto his singing, songwriting career. He was soon traveling to see his favorite singers at their own shows close to home. At 16, he was given a guitar as an early Christmas gift and was soon invited on stage to sing with Brett Eldredge.

     He told us about some of his musical influences naming people such as Brett Eldredge, Old Dominion, Jaren Johnston. Jaren Johnston has added Dylan Schneider to the roster at 2 Black Dogs Publishing and has been writing songs together along with a few other well-known writers in Nashville. We talked about who he'd like to write with, which included the guys of Old Dominion, but also specifically Brad Tursi. The musical talent that surrounds Dylan is tremendous. He will be doing tour stops with Chris Lane later this fall, is eager to get to know Chris and expand his growing relationships with these once celebrity singers and band members into his friends. His team is working on touring plans for summer 2018.

     Schneider has recently moved to the Brentwood area in Nashville, excited to have his own place there in the heart of music city. He has been writing and singing his own songs and co-written songs but also is not against singing songs that have a hand in as long as they're good songs. I got the impression that Dylan is only going to look at songs that carry a singer to song connection personally for him, taking that very seriously

     Dylan Schneider is well on his way to stardom with these great artists and influences surrounding him and supporting his gift and craft of musical talent. The Country Source appreciates you, Dylan Schneider and your team's time to talk with us and can't wait to see where this all leads you.