Josh Gracin Climbing Back into Country Music

Josh Gracin Climbing Back into Country Music

by Kailee Thompson


Josh Gracin’s dreams came true back in 2004 when he won fourth place in the popular singing contest, American Idol. Now, fourteen years later, he’s back on the road and releasing new music for the country world to hear.

Gracin has always had a variety of sound in his music that he is proud of. Growing up on old school R&B, he tries to incorporate his musical influences into his country style. Over the years, his music has evolved into the songs he has always wanted to create. In the beginning, he had to work on putting the twang in his voice in his song. Now, after several years of living in the south, Gracin sometimes tries to take the twang out to offer a wide range of sounds in his music.

The variety of his music has been ahead of the game now that rock and pop are incorporated into country music in the modern sound. Gracin has always used these types of sounds, but has made sure that he stays country. He prides himself on the fact that he can write a song that is different, but still fits into country radio without fitting into a definite pocket of sound. Gracin believes music should be played how it was meant to sound. If he wants to play a Queen cover, he will make it sound like a Queen song, not just a country guy singing a Queen song. This view on music has influenced his music since day one.

Now, Gracin has an EP out that was released last year and has been having tons of success since. The EP Nothin Like Us, Pt. 1 picked up speed right away and now Gracin is looking at releasing new music as quickly as possible.


Gracin had an excitement in his voice as he talked about a new project he has been working on for about ten years. Back in 2007 he presented his surprise project, but no one was interested at the time. He finally has the label on board and hopes to roll out the project before the end of the year to prepare for next spring. All Gracin could tell was that it is a tour event that NO ONE has ever done before. It will be a great way to give back to country music fans and for fans to give back to the community. Keep your eyes out for this announcement coming soon!

With steam picking up, Gracin is in hyper mode and wants to send out more music for his fans. “Good For You” is his latest single that has been more successful than Gracin even imagined and has hyped him up to keep the ball rolling. He is on the road now and has taken the time to slow down and start focusing on live-show traditions for the fans.

Even though he wasn’t sure if there will be a part two following the EP release, Gracin assures us that there is plenty more music to come and to keep a lookout for his future singles. He wanted to make sure that his fans know that they have already helped him live out his dream. He says that if everything was taken away from him today, he can still look in the mirror and say he lived his dream.

Catch Josh Gracin on the road and download his new single “Good For You” now!