Sandra Lynn releases FIGHT EP, Debuts New Hit "Somebody Kissed Me In A Bar"

Sandra Lynn releases FIGHT EP, debuting her new hit “Somebody Kissed Me in a Bar”

By Heather Mix

     There is a new blonde bombshell taking over Nashville, and her name is Sandra Lynn! This California girl is slipping away from her playful side and diving into her emotions in her new EP, Fight.

     Sandra is currently working with Kinkead Entertainment Agency to line up tour dates for 2018 in support of the EP release but has already opened for some of Country music’s most popular artists, including Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Cole Swindell, Kenny Rogers, and Jana Kramer.

     Lynn has been singing since the age of seven, and that flame of passion that she has for country music has turned into a wildfire. “I was little. I was in the car with my mom and I remember Strawberry Wine coming on the radio. I was at a stop light and I remember exactly where we were at and hearing that song and thinking, ‘this is what I want to do.’” Lynn said. “That’s what country music does. It takes you back to a moment and it can tell a story that stops you in your tracks. That’s what I really think I fell in love with.”

     Lynn showed a little bit more of her fun side with “Bar Hoppin’”, “Hey California” and “After Party,” but took some time off after her last tour to take her songwriting to a deeper place. Each song in Fight builds off of one another, creating a story that Lynn hopes will resonate with women who have “been there” and “lived a little bit more life.”

     “I really wanted Fight to be about the push and pull in relationships. To be about the friction in relationships, and to really hit that deeper side of things,” she said. “I want to expose the stuff that we like to talk about behind closed doors.” This EP is the first chapter of the story that Lynn wants to tell the world.

     “I thought... You know what, I want to break this up into chapters,” Lynn states before teasing that she hopes there will be chapters two and three coming out in the future. Along with the release of her new EP, Sandra Lynn also released a music video for “Somebody Kissed Me in a Bar,” one of four songs debuting on her EP. Other songs include “Rest in Pieces” and “From the Outside.” You can also listen to Fight on Itunes and Spotify today!