Joe Nichols & Josh Turner - Mystic Lake Casino


     In the land of 10,000 frozen lakes all it took to warm up Minnesota country music fans Saturday night was a Joe Nichols and Josh Turner show at Mystic Lake Casino.

     Nichols started the night off with his sparkling smile, boyish good looks and some of his biggest hits. The crowd was on their feet and ready for a good time. Joe covered some of his early singles including his very first single ‘The Impossible’ at which point the crowd was singing along.

     A couple times throughout the set Joe stopped to talk to the crowd like we were all old friends. Laughing and joking, there was even a rap cover performed at some point. Yes, that's right Joe started belting out a countryfied version (which was pretty dang awesome) of "Baby Got Back" Joe revealed the song will be on his new album. We were also treated to Joe's newest single "Undone".

      Joe commanded and engaged the sold out crowd from joking and laughter to sing alongs and walking out into the crowd. During "Brokenheartsville" Joe left the comfort of the stage and went off into the crowd, posing for selfies and getting the audience to sing along. Ending his set with a wish of warmer weather like in the song "Sunny and 75". This was my first time seeing Joe live and I have to say he did not disappoint. His charm, his energy and voice were off the charts.

     After a short stage change it was time for Josh Turner to dazzle the sold out crowd. The lights were dim, the band started playing the intro to "Why Don't We Just Dance" before the stage lit up and there appeared Turner with his million watt smile. From the very start of Turner's set I could tell the crowd was in for a treat.

     Josh wasted no time getting the hits out, from "Firecracker" to "Haywire" he had the crowd going wild. The first half of Turner’s set it was just hit after hit which pleased the sold out crowd.

     Turner stopped and talked, saying Minnesota is named land of 10,000 lakes “...even though Wisconsin and Michigan have more lakes than Minnesota...” which got the crowd riled up and laughter ensued.

     Mid-set Josh took the time to talk about his latest single "Hometown Girl" and his new album. Which he announced will be released sometime in March. We were also treated to a couple brand new songs off his unreleased new album! It's safe to say after hearing the songs live,  Josh's new album is going to be amazing.

     There was no shortage of hits, Josh and his band kept us entertained on our feet dancing and singing along. The crowd throughout the show were begging Josh for his hit "Long Black Train". The anticipation turned into pure excitement when the stage went black and all you could hear was a train's “choo choo”.

     Turner ended his set with his hit "Would You Go With Me" to the crowd up on their feet singing along with that silky smooth voice of his. With the crowd still cheering for more Josh and his band came out to perform an encore song. After thanking the crowd for a fun night Josh sang "Your Man".

     From the beginning of the show to the very end two things are clear. One, Joe and Josh know how to have a good time, and know just what the crowd wants. And two, their new albums are going to be awesome. All us Minnesota fans ask is that the two don't take that long to come back and do it again.