Sweet Southern Talent - Jordyn Mallory

by Jenna Paige

     Southern charm comes naturally to this Mississippi native. At just 24 years old, Jordyn Mallory is a force to be reckoned with. The singer/songwriter has accomplished a lot since getting into music at the young age of five. Jordyn's grandmother would take her to church and the two would grace the congregation by singing in the choir. "I just knew I had to do it," Jordyn tells us. Her family has always been supportive. "My life has been pretty amazing. There's no sad story here," the grateful singer states. Growing up in a town of only 3,000 people in rural Mississippi, Mallory knows the meaning of "everybody knows everybody." She tells us that growing up in a rural area didn't stop her from wanting to do more with her career. At just nine years old, she wrote her first song titled "Someone Like You".  Faith Hill has inspired her to sing and perform while she aspires to write like Bryan Adams. At only 13 years old, Jordyn opened up for Loretta Lynn who she finds "just incredible."  In 2010, Jordyn won a spot on Simon Fuller's Hulu.com web series If I Can Dream. The show featured a house full of performers who wanted to further their careers. Mallory describes her time there as an experience. "Everyone there was eager and happy to have the chance to be there," she says. Soon after that, Jordyn made it to season 11 of the hit show American Idol. She was given her ticket to Hollywood and even made the top 98 on the show! "I made lots of friends during the experience and it was definitely a thing to watch," Mallory tells us.

      Jordyn Mallory is making her mark in the music world. She has opened up for many acts such as Loretta Lynn, Emerson Drive, Jake Owen, Eric Church, Colt Ford and many more.  This talented, young beauty is rising fast especially with her new debut track "Boat Friend". The song has earned the southern belle a spot on CMT's Top Trending Artists, as well as on Spotify and iTunes. The song is fun and upbeat and definitely a summertime hit. Check out the music video for the song at http://www.jordynmusic.com. It features Mallory and her friends having a good time just enjoying being single but wanting to have summer fun on the water. Her recently released EP features five tracks in which powerful vocals shine through. "Boy to Blame" is the first song that Jordyn wrote for the EP. The song is so much fun it is relatable to any girl who is had to deal with a boy in her life. No album release date has been set but Mallory assures us it will come! This is one upcoming artist that you will truly enjoy. Her hard work and perseverance will surely get this Nashville sweetheart recognition. We look forward to hearing a lot more from Ms Jordyn Mallory!

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