Josh Turner at The Uptown Theater

by Kathleen Bee

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The March Madness basketball tournament was in full force, but true country music fans made it to the SOLD OUT Josh Turner show.  The weather was perfect so fans didn’t mind waiting in line to get into the venue. People moved in quickly as they were given a heads up of what to expect upon walking into the theater. This was the first show that I have attended that had assigned seats, which meant no one was rushing to get a good spot in the general admission section.

It was a one-man show, 90 minutes of Josh Turner and his amazing music. Everyone was comfortably seated, until Turner came out on stage and “Why Don’t We Just Dance” came through the speakers.  Then the crowd jumped up and shouted out in excitement while dancing and singing along! His set list kept the crowd pumped as “Firecracker,” “All Over Me,” “I Wouldn’t Be a Man,” and “Time is Love” were echoing throughout the theater. He performed several songs from his new album, which was released on March 10th. A few of the songs were “Lay Low,” “Beach Bums,” “Deep South,” and his current single “Hometown Girl.”  There were banjos and fiddles playing throughout the show and they really helped keep the intensity high.

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Turner has a unique stage presence, drawing you in and making you not want to look away. He has a way of getting a crowd energized and up on its feet. Turner has a profound sense of humor and talked to the audience on a very personal level. While speaking with us, he told us about Miss Kay, a woman who is battling a terminal illness. He mentioned that he met her before the show and was glad he could make her wish come true. Her favorite song is “Long Black Train” and he dedicated the song to her at that moment and performed it later in the show.

 It was an uplifting experience to witness the connection between an artist and his fans. All in all, this show was such an amazing opportunity to be a part of and to see how many people follow his music. It was such a beautiful night and an even better show. He ended his set with “Your Man” and the crowd sang along until the very last note!

He is still out on the road so catch him on tour if you can. He will be in the Minnesota area in May!