Justin Moore - American Made Tour

by Emily Huehns

     What do you get when you take three American made men, a few shots of Crown Royal, and a hell of a show? You get the American Made Tour with country music’s Justin Moore, Lee Brice and Brett Young. This is one smooth combination you don’t want to miss.

     The Country Source had the chance to talk with country artist Justin Moore as he kicks off his 2017 tour, where he shares a more personalized side of himself inside his new album, “Kinda Don’t Care.” Moore shares with us he took his time when selecting which songs would appear on this album.

“Early on in your career, at the very beginning it’s a lot easier because nobody has a clue, nobody has pre conceived notions about what it is that you’re going to do as an artist and you do what you want and hope that everyone likes it.”

     Moore is a humbled artist who strives to stay real and stay true to the image he presents to his fans without worrying about if he should be this or that, Moore stays true to himself. He continues to make it apparent that once you establish a fan base such as he has, they become a part of his equation.

“Our long term success and my hard core fan base comes back to me just being as genuine and real as I can be, because people relate to that.”

     Without getting too emotional, Moore emphasizes that the best part of being on tour is the connection with the fans. As a younger boy, Moore got his adrenaline rush by playing sports in front of screaming fans. Since then, Moore says that being on stage and performing gives him that same rush.

“The connection with the fans is something you can’t explain; you just can’t put it into words.”

     Unlike most country artists Moore originally had no desire to sing country music, but to continue playing sports. Growing up in a small town of 300 people, and singing in the church choir on mom’s authority, Moore began to take on singing. With a little push from his parents, Moore realized this was something he could do as a living, and also something he grew to love.

     With a new album and a headlining tour, we can safely say that Justin Moore belongs on stage.

     Still in the early life of this album “Kinda Don’t Care,” Moore has hopes and plans to make this album the greatest one yet. As Moore’s songs come to life on stage he gives his fans familiar hit songs off of the album to connect with and sing along to. It goes without saying, this tour is one everyone can look forward to.

“It’s our job to go out and throw a party for a couple of hours.”

So country fans, if a party is what you want, The American Made Tour is ready to give it to you!