Laura McCormick - A Connection In Music

by Chad Johnson

     Laura grew up with a love for The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mack and CCR but didn’t realize until later in life that it was more than fate that was fueling her passion for music.  In fact, it was “in her blood”.  Laura soon learnt that her Grandfather, Grandmother and her Aunt all had shared her passion for music and even played an instrument, or six.  Laura talked of having her Aunts ’71 Alvarez played on a few tracks on her albums and says “You can tell there is something special there”. 


     In Laura’s music you can hear that something special.  She combines the love of all things music to bring a variety to her albums.  You can hear that mix of blue grass, country and a little rock and roll thrown in to give her albums something for all to enjoy.  We talked about having to try to conform to being just a country artist, or just a rock artist.  Laura really hits home when she tells us that her music has to have that “Emotional connection that draws you into the music.  Not how it’s going to make it in main stream music.”  She goes on to say that she has been told she’s too country, or has too much of an accent.  But, she stays by what she believes and delivers an incredible album – Too Wild to Tame.

     When Laura writes, she draws upon things that are happening in her life or current events that inspire her.   She tells us that co-writing with Rick Rowell was a surprise connection, so to speak.  With an age gap between the two, yet so much in common with their writing styles, Laura found the songs that Rowell wrote also spoke to her.  On her first album, Box Full of Trouble, Laura co-wrote all the songs but found that Rowell songs said exactly what she was thinking and the two recorded them together for Too Wild to Tame.  When recording “I Wish I Didn’t” Laura says that she “…went in there and went wild and crazy…” letting out a true laugh at the end of the song when she realized she was being watched by her studio mates as she growled and screamed.  Whatever the song that Laura sings on her albums, I believe you can feel that emotion, that connection, come through in the music and the amazing voice that exemplifies her. 

     Laura has big things in the works and things are moving in the right direction.  She tells us one of her messages she’d like to convey is “Don’t always listen to what people say.  Just get out there and do it.”  We agree!  Keep doing what you’re doing as well Laura.  We love the music, the voice and the passion that comes through in each song.  We can’t wait to hear more of that bluesy, twangy, rock n’ roll sound. 

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