Alaina Takes Fans on Journey with 'Road Less Traveled'

by JQ


     To say Lauren Alaina and her fans are excited about the release of her sophomore album is a huge understatement. Fans have waited 5 years in between Alaina’s freshmen album "Wildflower" and her new album "Road Less Traveled" scheduled for release January 27th.

     In the last 5 years Alaina has spent the time reflecting and growing as an artist. Alaina co-wrote all 12 songs including her Top 20 single and title track 'Road Less Traveled'. Road Less Traveled which was co-written by Meghan Trainor and Jesse Frasure stresses accepting yourself for who you are, ignoring what mainstream wants to mold you into and to follow your own path.

     Alaina takes fans on a journey from falling in love and acceptance, to self discovery starting with the first track ‘Doin’ Fine’. The song is filled with true life events, from addiction to divorce. The lyrics "I'm fine enough to know everyone's a little broken.” will leave you relating to the song and your own life.

     From ballads like ‘Think Outside the Boy’ that spotlight Alaina’s amazing voice to the upbeat get up and dance tracks like ‘Crashin’ the Boys Club’ the album's musical journey from start to finish will leave you wanting more. Maturity, growth and self worth bring “Road Less Traveled” full circle. This album is some of the best songs lyrically, and vocally I've heard in years. Sometimes while listening, I forgot Alaina is only 22 years old as Lauren sings with the level of passion most artists struggle to reach. People say absence makes the heart grow fonder and that saying couldn't be more true with Lauren. Fans loved her 5 years ago and after listening to this album they will immediately fall in love all over again. Lauren's vulnerability and openness in her songs make you feel like you are listening to an old friend catch you up on her life after some time apart.


Can't get enough of Lauren?

Lauren will join Martina McBride for the CMT Next Women of Country Love Unleashed Tour 2017. The tour kicks off in Feb. with dates in St. Louis and Chicago.Tickets are on sale now.

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*Must listen to list*

Think Outside the Boy - Beautiful song, reminder to love yourself and not let the love of a boy define who you are. Lauren's vocals will leave you with chills.

"If you don't love yourself, he sure ain't gonna help."

Holding the Other - Beautiful song about love and having the one and conquering life together with the one you love.

"I can face any storm, I can conquer the world with just one hand as long as you're holding the other."

Pretty - Fantastic reminder to never change, don't look at anyone else and think you need to be thinner, or change who you are. Be kind, be loving, be exactly who are meant to be inside and out.

"Keep your love light on"

Road Less Traveled - Anthem about being yourself and empowering you to do whatever sets your heart on fire. Passion, vocals, and lyrics are spot on! Favorite song on the album.

“If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle. Don't be afraid, take the road less traveled”