K102 Fan Jam Class Of 2017

K102 Fan Jam Class of 2017

By Molly Pass

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     K102 Fan Jam Class of 2017 was like “Billions” of “Hurricanes” with a “Drinking Problem” so just “Kiss Somebody” in the “Greatest Love Story”. That may sound like a novel, but it was just a night of great country hits! K102 Fan Jam Class of 2017 was presented by K102 and Miller Lite at the Myth Live in Maplewood, MN. Boy, did they bring a killer line up to the stage tonight which included Morgan Evans, Russell Dickerson, Midland, LANco and Luke Combs. The best part was that when the set needed to be changed between artists, K102 kept the show going and the energy high with a wide variety of country tunes.


Morgan Evans

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     Australian native, Morgan Evans, took his task of warming up the crowd very seriously and he did just that. He started his time on stage with an original, “Day Drunk” and his first U.S.-released single, “Kiss Somebody.” He slowed it down a bit to sing his song “Dance with Me,” where Kelsea Ballerini made an appearance to surprise her fiancé on stage. 

     One thing that makes Morgan Evans so original and unique is his skill of being a loop artist and using the loop pedal to make original sounds while live on stage. He had a little fun with the crowd by showcasing what he could do with his pedals. He explained that when he left Australia, he left his band behind, so these pedals were his American band. It’s incredible to see the abilities Morgan Evans has on stage in order to create drums, bass and sing with an incredible voice. 

     He ended his time on stage expressing his gratitude to K102 who was the first radio station to play his song, and this was his first crowd to sing his song back to him. Morgan Evans was excited about what was to come, so stay tuned for more from him in the future!


Russell Dickerson

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     Russell Dickerson came out strong with one of his new songs, “Every Little Thing,” from his recent album, Yours. He said he has been “writing songs for 7 years trying to write my first album and it came out 5 days ago!” He was pumped, and we are too! We were able to hear more from his first album which included “Billions,” “MGNO” and “Blue Tacoma.” We got to hear the wide range of his voice when he was able to get lost in his song at the end. 

     He ended his time on stage with his first single, “Yours.” Russell Dickerson shared his love for his fans and for K102 for believing in him and his song. They played this song on the radio first and helped him get his first top 20 single. This song truly changed his life and his music career. Go check out Russell Dickerson’s modern country twist in his new album, Yours, available now. 



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     Midland came out reppin’ their country hats and brought their good ole’ classic country sound to K102 Fan Jam. They played some of their newest songs from the album, On the Rocks. Some of those included “Check Cashin’ Country,” “This Old Heart and “Make a Little.” Midland also paid tribute to late Tom Petty when they sang, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” 

     As their time came to a close, they thanked K102 for always believing and supporting them and they gave gratitude to their fans. They ended with “Drinking Problem,” from their newest album, which had the whole crowd singing along, and before exiting the stage, they saluted the crowd and tipped their hats. 

     Give their newest album, On the Rocks, a listen. Full of traditional country with a flare of modern country, this album is sure to keep you singing along. 



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     This group of guys took the stage with ample excitement and energy. They were ready to keep the crowd going and started with “Troublemaker,” from their 4 song EP. 

     Before singing “Long Live Tonight,” from their EP, they shared that the world is crazy, but to “not let the craziness stop you from living tonight and having a great time.” LANco finished their time with “Greatest Love Story” which brought the house down. There was not a single person in that venue that was not singing along and having a good time. 

     The band said that “this was a dream come true to be here singing, dancing and clapping along with a crazy crowd which was resent at K102 Fan Jam. They shared that they had just finished a full-length album about 2 weeks ago in Nashville, Tennessee, so country fans, stay tuned for more from LANco. 


Luke Combs

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The crowd was growing anxious for Luke Combs to take the stage, and when he did, he did not disappoint! He opened his time with “Beer Can” from his most recent album, This One’s For You. He even went as far as to change his lyrics from “nothing picks me up like a beer can” to “nothing picks me up like a Fan Jam.” 

     Some of the crowd favorites from Luke Combs were his first ever song he wrote, “She’s Got the Best of Me,” “When It Rains It Pours,” and his first number one song, “Hurricane.” His encore song for the night was “One Number Away” from his most recent album.

     He released his first debut album, This One’s For You, a couple of months ago and is having a great time with it! Luke Combs shared a couple new pieces he wrote which include “Must’ve Never Been You” and “Houston, We Got A Problem.” With his deep, classic country, raspy voice and his new songs as well as his older ones, his future in country music is bright!

     It was an unreal night of country music at the K102 Fan Jam Class of 2017 sponsored by Miller Lite. K102 has been able to support country musicians since 1983, and they are clearly doing something right! The lineup at Fan Jam was top notch as were the artists. Country Music Fans: if you haven’t already listened to these 5 country acts, then put that on your priority list! There’s one thing I know for sure, K102 is MY Country!