Josh Thompson - Stout Ale House (Menomonie, WI)

Josh Thompson Comin’ back Around to Menomonie

by Gabriella Schneider

     It’s been a few years since Josh Thompson has raised some hell at the Stout Ale House in Menomonie, WI. But Thompson returned back to his home state on Saturday April 8th 2017 and played loud all night long. 

     Josh will be releasing a new album, Change: The Lost Record. It will be released on April 21st. This album was actually made in 2011 but the label never released it at that time. Josh’s fans are happy the label has changed its mind. 

     Thompson blew the crowd away with his favorite song to preform live “Way out Here”, we all sang along on the chorus and he blew us a kiss to thank us for the help. Josh and the band each had a shot of fireball on stage before the song “Beer on the Table”, which had the whole building singing along and the ladies dancing away.

     Drinks were raised in the air when Thompson played the crowd favorite, “Cold beer with your name on it”. Thompson couldn’t leave before doing an acoustical version of “Any Ol Barstool”, a song he wrote which is on Jason Aldean’s new album.

     The whole night was one big party. The whole crowd knew Josh’s Wisconsin connection so you could hear “Go Pack Go” during a few of his songs. He really appreciated the Packer loyalty. Josh and his band gave a performance that won’t be forgotten by this crowd.