Adam Craig, Seth Ennis & Michael Tyler - Buzn' Breakin Now

    Country Newcomers Leave The Crowd Buz'n

Adam Craig, Seth Ennis & Michael Tyler

by Emily Huehns

     BUZ’N 102.9 introduces country new comers, Adam Craig, Seth Ennis, and Michael Tyler at the BUZ’N Breaking Now show at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis, May 17th, 2017.  These three may be new to the scene, but they sure know how to work a crowd.

     Adam Craig kicks off the night with a big welcome to the fans and his song, “Tail Light Town.” As Craig cracks a few jokes, thanks the crowd for showing up, he dives into his next tune, “Reckon.”

     As Craig looks at the crowd with amazement, he grabs the mic and encourages the audience to sing along to one of his favorite songs, “Watching Airplanes,” by Gary Allan. The crowd did not hesitate to sing along.

     Before his career took off as a performer, Craig spent his time writing songs for other artists. As the crowd went wild, Craig introduced a song he wrote for country band Parmalee, “Close Your Eyes.”

     The fans couldn’t get enough of this new country star, but all good things must come to an end. Craig closed out his set with his current single, “Just a Phase.” Fans swayed and sang along, but before they knew it, his set was over.

     It wasn’t long until Seth Ennis took the stage introducing the audience to a new song called, “Buzz.” Ennis felt it was fitting to kick off his set with, as BUZ’N was hosting the show.

     Ennis played a few songs of his own like, “Fast Girl,” “Think & Drive,” and his current single, “Woke Up in Nashville.” He also took things back to his South Georgia roots with the song, “Chattahoochee,” by Alan Jackson. It was apparent the crowd did not oppose to Ennis’s choice in cover songs as they sang along with their cups in the air.

     The night came to a close with the last country new comer, Michael Tyler. Tyler shares with the crowd a song off his first and most recent album, 317, “Good at Being Young.”

     Tyler thanks the fans for this amazing night and their unbelievable support as he breaks into his most recent single, “They Can’t See.” It was clear fans have been paying attention to this artist, as they knew every word.

     Tyler shares that it is nights like this that get him through any hard days he comes across. Sharing his undeniable love for his fans, Tyler closes out his set with “Somewhere on Beach,” written by Tyler himself and sung by Dierks Bentley.

     As Tyler calls down the other artists, they all toast to a good night. Craig, Ennis, and Tyler left the crowd with one last song, “Good Directions,” by Billy Currington.

     They sang it, and we know it, these breaking now artists are all headed in good directions as their careers take off.

Photos by Karen Rudeen