Lakefront Music Festival

Brianna Alomar, David Nail and Billy Currington Brought the House Down on Country Night of Lakefront Music Fest 2017

by Molly P

     It was a beautiful, summer night on Saturday, July 15, 2017 for country night at the 8th annual Lakefront Music Fest in Prior Lake, MN. Over 14,000 fans were in attendance to hear 16-year old rising star, Brianna Alomar, Missouri native, David Nail and headliner Billy Currington perform. The emcee for the night was Muss from K102 and the crowd was ready for a good time!

Brianna Alomar

     Shortly after the opening ceremony to country night, Brianna Alomar took the stage, full of energy. She was clearly ready to put on a show for the crowd. “How’s everyone doing here?” she screamed before getting started with her original song, “I Got It Right.” Other originals of hers included “Wings” and “If You Were Mine,” which she shared is written about a boy from her class.

     Brianna also brought her best with the covers of many great songs ranging from “My Church” by Maren Morris, “Ring of Fire” from Johnny Cash, “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” by Pat Benitar and “Downtown” from Lady Antebellum. She has a killer voice no matter what she chooses to sing!


     She welcomed the fans to check her out on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to keep up with what she has going on in the future. She ended her time on stage by switching it up a bit with “Walking on Sunshine” from Katrina and The Waves. Although not country, she had the crowd singing along to this classic jam.

     It’s safe to say that Brianna Alomar had a great time in front of the fans, and the fans seemed to have a good time with her too! We are sure that we will be seeing more of her in the future!


David Nail


     The sun slowly started to set as David Nail took the stage after a long anticipated wait. He came on stage dressed in all black and sun glasses. He opened his time with “Good at Tonight” from his recent album, Fighter.


     David introduced each of his band members and gave them a shout out for what they do. He acknowledged that he wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for them. He continued on with “The Fighter” from his recent album and then the spot lights all turned red as he played “Redlight” which was his second single from his debut album, I’m About to Come Alive.

     He shared with the crowd that him and some of the band members have recently had babies, so they took a little break from touring and that it was good to be back on tour. He also said that although the crowd probably didn’t notice, he made some mistakes tonight and “he has never had so much fun making mistakes then in Minnesota,” which pumped the crowd up!


     He kept the energy high from there with his two lead off singles to his two latest albums: “Nights on Fire” which was his lead off single to the album Fighter and “Whatever She’s Got” being the lead off single to I’m A Fire. David Nail had fun hearing the crowd sing his songs.

     David thanked the fans for allowing him to open, and wished them safe travels home before exiting the stage for the night.  

Billy Currington

     After a small set change and four hours of music, the fans were anxiously awaiting Billy to hit the stage. He came out strong with his first single, “Don’t It,” from his newest album, Summer Forever.

     From the first few chords of “People are Crazy,” the crowd was ready to have some fun! The weather cooled off, but Billy heated up under the moonlight. He kept the energy high with songs like “It Don’t Hurt like it Used To,” “Hey Girl” and “Don’t.” 


     He encouraged the crowd to put their drinks in the air during “I’m Pretty Good at Drinking Beer” and the whole audience complied. He had the crowd participating and singing along throughout the whole night.

     Billy threw it back to his debut album, Doin’ Something Right, with “Must Be Dong Something Right.” After he rocked out to “We Are Tonight,” Billy waved, pointed and applauded the crowd as he left the stage.

     The crowd knew it wasn’t all Billy had to give for the night, so the cheers echoed the park until Billy came back singing a Garth Brooks song, “Friends in Low Places.” Billy’s last and final song was “Good Direction” which he informed us was written by Luke Bryan and that he is forever grateful for this song which is from his debut album, Doin’ Something Right. The fans were satisfied as Billy exited the stage for the last time after thanking the fans.

     If you haven’t made it to Lakefront Music Fest in the past, I suggest adding it to your bucket list, as year after year the line-up never disappoints! These three artists owned the stage all night and it was obvious that fun was had by all at Country Night!